Why Not Leadership Development Resources
with 80% of the Value for 20% of the Cost?

Do you believe that leadership development resources need to be made more widely available to a larger number of people?

Are you convinced that some of the solutions to organizational and societal problems can be found by reaching out to a greater number of people to tap their leadership creativity and potential? . . . And by enhancing the quality of leadership development processes for those who already have access.

If so, read on.

Why this site?

We want to be part of the solution

We are sure you'll agree that developing leadership capacity is a means to increase the quantity, quality and capacity for leadership, across all levels of organizations and society, globally.

That makes effective leadership a critical resource for developing and implementing strategies to address these pressing problems. This is the point of view or perspective you will find in this site.

Quality Resources, Affordable or for Free

Our aim is provide leadership development resources and to stimulate and provoke thinking about the practice of leadership development.

We will point you to affordable, available resources. Or, we will use our limited capacity to provide value-added, high-quality resources where we have expertise and there is a gap. We want to make 80-20 resources more widely available to a broader audience.

What's inside for you?

  • Leadership Development Consultants and Facilitators - use evidence-based process for impact and make your work more efficient to reduce costs and reach more people.
  • HRD Professionals - provide your organization with the best leadership-development, evidence-based processes and practices available.
  • Managers & Executives - use current evidence-based practices and processes to help develop leadership capabilities in others.
  • Leadership Researchers - apply your ideas against the harsh world of practice, and take ideas from practice to stimulate research questions.

Ok, enough background. We are confident that there will be something here that interests you. Its time for you to check out what's inside. Use the links on the left-side menu bar to get around.


Luke Novelli, Jr., Ph.D.
Chief of Intellectual Capital
Leadership Development Resources Global

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Leadership Inspiration

Efren Peñaflorida, came up with an answer to the problem of educating underprivileged children when he was only 16. This young man, himself having lived next to a garbage dump and earning money for his parents selling corn on the street, formed a group of friends to improve the lives and minds of the neediest children through education. Read the inspiring article in the The Philippine Star.

Article Here

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